Presidential Politics Blog: the George W. Bush Era

by Dennis Jenkins

We analyzed the legacy of his administration through a variety of sources and read and discussed the events that shaped his Bush. Then we watched a clip over the Bush years and completed a ranking task activity regarding his administration. Next, the students contrasted commercials between John Kerry and George W. Bush during the 2004 presidential election. We also watched actual clips from the debate between the two candidates in addition to watching political satire about the election. The class then created posters based on the campaign buttons each candidate’s supporters had and took part in a role-play debate over the 2004 election. The class also looked at President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court and analyzed the different ideologies represented on today’s Supreme Court.

They later went to the computer lab to finish their research before we ended class by completing the first round of the Presidential Face-Off Tournament, which asks which president had the greatest legacy. Today’s winners were Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Harry Truman. On Wednesday, students will debate candidates who made it to the quarterfinal round. We will also examine the first term of Barack Obama’s presidency.

In Tuesday’s study hall, students finished their Mount Rushmore project.

Students ready to re-enact the 2004 debate between Bush and Kerry.