Hall Time = The Best Time?

Jacob Couch

by Jacob Couch

It’s the final week of VAMPY, and campers of all backgrounds find themselves bonding during the traditional end to the VAMPY day: Hall Time.

Hall Time is the time spent on the hall immediately before the campers are sent to bed, and it is definitely the time where a lot of energy is spent.

“It’s where we get to expel all of our energy before Couch sends us to bed,” fourth-year camper Christian Butterfield of Bowling Green tells me about the time frame. “It’s definitely needed for some of us,” he continues, pointing to a group of campers aggressively playing a card game on the sofa at the end of the hall.

“It’s really the time where we get to converse the most,” says a chatty David Abel of Owensboro, a second-year camper who has been at both SCATS and VAMPY this year. “I just love getting to know everyone on my hall and having stimulating conversations.”

But before campers get too comfortable, it is time for the peace of room-time, before lights out at 10:30 PM, so that the campers can be well rested for the academic enrichment of class the next morning.