The Power of a VAMPY tradition

Molly Rush

by Molly Rush

Last night, VAMPY campers had the chance to choose from a multitude of creative optional activities thought up and organized by us, the counselors. Olivia and I decided to suggest a classic camp Optional: Friendship Bracelets. Usually this crafty activity gives the campers the opportunity to learn new patterns and trade ideas with fellow bracelet makers. Last night was a little unusual because of the number of friendship bracelet beginners who had chosen the Optional in order to learn this craft that so many of the campers engage in throughout their time at camp. These newbies included Counselor Olivia!

Instead of pairing off in sections of veteran bracelet makers and inexperienced, the campers who were pros at the activity put aside their advanced patterns and taught mini-classes to the learners around them. It was so sweet to see the patient way they guided their fellow campers through the basic knots that can lead to beautiful results. I taught Olivia the steps, and by the end of Optionals, she was well on her way to becoming a pro too!

Activities like friendship bracelet-making may seem silly when someone is on the outside of camp looking in. However, these reminders of camp and the friends made here can make a lasting impression on the lives of these young adults. I personally have a box full of every friendship bracelet I have ever received, going back to 2010 SCATS! This optional is about more than just crafts; it is about teaching, learning, and giving love and friendship to others.