In Arabic, Students Learn, Play, and Write about Their Dog

Brooke Riley

by Brooke Riley


In Arabic class, we are learning lots of new, exciting things! One the first day of class, we started out by learning small phrases like “How are you?” (“Kefa Haloka/ke?”), different greetings, and saying our name and where we are from. Now that we are in our fourth day of VAMPY, we have learned the entire Arabic alphabet and numbers in Arabic, and we can tell time. The students are doing such an amazing job and are progressing quickly.

In class we do many fun activities including games where we sound out words spelled with the Arabic alphabet, listening to catchy songs that help us remember vocab, watching Arab countries in the FIFA world cup, and

Archer, the class mascot

crafts that showcase our wonderful Arabic handwriting! We have even chosen a mascot for the class. Our mascot is a Corgi Puppy, whose name is Archer. The class was able to write sentences about how much we love Archer and how he is very beautiful.

The students are working very hard, and Professor Guerwane and I have seen tremendous progress from them. It makes us excited for the following weeks to see how much more they will learn!


The Arabic class