Physics Full of Fun Challenges

Allison Gregory

by Allison Gregory

In Physics, students will cover nearly a year’s worth of material in these next three weeks through the use of demonstrations, related videos, lectures, challenges, labs, builds, and snacks. We are currently covering mechanics and energy, and we will later cover electromagnetism, optics, and more.

Students have already had the opportunity to build their own helicopters, and they will build one type of motor during this evening’s study hall. They will be building a plane, speakers, and more during upcoming study halls. They are also going to compete against each other in two physics challenges. In the first, the Slow Balloon Race, the team whose balloon takes the longest to rise up to the ceiling will win. In the Egg Drop, students will build contraptions for raw eggs and then drop them from a significant height; those with unscathed eggs will win.

Many activities will take place outside the walls of the classroom. The class will take a field trip to Huntsville, AL, to the Space Center during the last week of camp. Campers will also have front row seats to teacher Kenny Lee’s famous Wave Show, which will be held at WKU for the first time. Featuring fire, lasers, and music, the educational performance will astound and amuse all. After the show, students will get to see Mr. Lee’s homemade hovercraft and take turns riding it up and down the hall.