We’ve Only Just Begun

Aaron Bard

by Aaron Bard

The first full day of camp has come and gone, and the excitement of another year of VAMPY is on full blast. Classes are off to a great start, Optionals have never been better, and campers are finally realizing what it means to tackle “the hill.” Having finished Monday’s classes, campers congregated on their halls to discuss how their days had gone, what Optionals they were eager for, and what they were going to eat for dinner. After traveling down to the dining hall in the Downing Student Union, campers rushed onto their halls to prepare for the optional of their choosing, including Capture the Flag, Magic the Gathering, and LARPing.

When Optionals finished, the campers collected their school things and prepared for evening study hall. The campers met on the back lawn of Schneider Hall with their TAs, ready for the next great adventure of the day. While many campers were apprehensive about study hall, be it their first year or their fourth at camp, all of them seemed to come back feeling like they had learned something of value and had been able to put what they had learned in class to good use.

Finally, we had community time, which allows the campers a great opportunity to hang out and play games. They also have time to interact with friends, whether they are friendships of many years or fledgling relationships.

Camp is merely beginning, and we are certainly thrilled to delve deeper into VAMPY 2018! We look forward to the bonds that will be formed, concepts that will be learned, and powerful memories that will be made.