Preparing for Our Big Events

Dillon Tate

by Dillon Tate

SCATS so far has been great, and we still have lots of exciting events ahead. As we continue into our second week, we look forward to three big activities we have planned.

Tonight, some campers will be rehearsing for our talent show on Wednesday. Campers have been looking forward to this chance to show their fellow campers and friends what they can do. Some students will demonstrate their musical abilities, some will show off their dancing skills, and some will create skits. This is a chance for campers to highlight their talents and have fun while doing it.

The campers also are looking forward to Thursday and our end-of-camp dinner and dance when we will commemorate our last night of the 2018 SCATS experience. The air will be full of music and laughter as we celebrate our two weeks of learning and fun.

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