The Abel Brothers Make the Most of SCATS

Jacob Couch

by Jacob Couch

Before they arrived, attending SCATS together for the first time worried brothers David and Logan Abel of Owensboro, but so far they are thoroughly enjoying their decision. David and Logan, who are also rooming together, share a genuine excitement and delight in getting to know every person on their hall as well as in their classes.

This is David’s third summer and Logan’s first at SCATS, and their first time ever attending a summer camp together. “The past two years were an amazing time for me,” older brother David told me during a nightly room-check, “and I’m so glad that I finally get to share it with Logan now that he’s old enough to come.”

“Everything from the classes to the activities is amazing,” says Logan.  “I’m having such a great time. I can’t wait to tell all of my friends about SCATS — everybody should know about it.”

The brothers, who are two years apart, had a blast at the weekend activities, such as the SCATS Olympics on Saturday and the ever-popular night at the Preston Activities Center on Friday.

David and Logan Abel

On the hall, the two engage in many activities with their counselor group, playing everything from card games, their musical instruments, and a game they made up called “The Simulator.” In this game, the brothers work together to make a fully immersive, seamless “virtual reality experience,” wherein David shakes a chair and Logan makes all the necessary wind sounds for an adventure unlike any other.

The two will be playing their instruments, violin and piano, in the SCATS talent show later this week, and they are looking forward to enjoying the last few days of camp together.

David is going to attend VAMPY this year as well, and both boys hope to attend it together next year when Logan will be old enough. “I can’t wait to come back,” Logan tells me.