What a Weekend!

Haley Starkey

by Haley Starkey

Saturdays are always a unique time at SCATS. With their classes over for the week, campers are given the opportunity to focus on their budding friendships and doing what young people do best: having fun.

This Saturday, June 16th, the annual SCATS Olympics was held. Each counselor group was paired with a group of the opposite gender and assigned a country to represent in the Olympic Games. Along with counselor Owen’s group, my group of girls competed on behalf of the great country of New Zealand. They were all incredibly excited to take part in the various events that were being held! The four main events (a relay race, dodgeball, competitive musical chairs, and the Quiz Bowl) were worth points toward winning the Olympics; the first-place team received 30 points, second place received 20 points, and third received 10.

After some of my girls decorated each other’s faces (and my own!) in red, white, and blue paint, the opening ceremony took place and the Olympics officially began. I hosted the Quiz Bowl event alongside counselor Olivia and counselor Becca. In contrast to the more athletic events, the Quiz Bowl is interesting in the sense that it allows the campers’ minds to shine. The Bowl is a true representation of not only how brilliant the students here are, but of how they are able to come together and show support for their likeminded peers. For several hours I watched as teams competed in a battle of the wits and cheered one another on. I am humbled to say that many of the competitors knew the answers to some questions that even I didn’t know!

With each passing day, I am reminded that SCATS is a mecca of support, friendship, ideas, and learning. The positive energy here is contagious, and this was evident at the Olympics! This is my first year as a counselor, and I am constantly amazed at how talented, intelligent, and kind-hearted all of the SCATS students are. In the end, my and Owen’s New Zealand team reigned victorious in the Quiz Bowl and received first place in this event, as well as third place in the Olympics overall.  Onto a new week!

Haley’s campers at the Olympics.