Prancercise! Quirky Optionals Make SCATS What It Is

Jack Quire

by Jack Quire

An integral part of SCATS comes from the after-class activities that we counselors invent and run. These activities are called Optionals. Though they are mandatory for all campers, the campers can choose what Optionals they would like to participate in, hence the term “Optional.” As counselors, it is our task to create activities that are both original and fun for the campers. I had an idea stirring around in my mind about one specific Optional that I wanted to run: Prancercise! Prancercising is a weird but entertaining jogging exercise that’s both absurd in its uselessness and fun to perform.

At the beginning of the Optional, my fellow counselor and I explained the technique required for this exercise to all the campers as they stood by the colonnades in front of the Fine Arts Center of WKU. Afterwards, we had a lot of confused faces expecting something wildly different from what we had taught them. However, once we started prancercising, the kids fell in love with the quirkiness of the exercise. We went from the colonnades to Cherry Hall on top of the hill prancercising through each floor and having a wonderful time.

We thought the campers would have wanted a break after prancercising, so we decided to give a little history lesson on Prancercising. It all started as a video that a mother put up on YouTube that went instantly viral for its absurdity. We expected the campers to be interested and tired enough to take a break, but instead all of them stood up and collectively yelled, “Let’s keep prancercising!” And so, we did. In a single file line, we went from Cherry Hall back to the colonnades to a fountain that the campers desired very much to prancercise through!

The Optional was a success from the campers’ perspective and from ours as well. Weird and absurd Optionals make this camp, and we can assure you that the campers had a great time. Almost every camper said one way or another that this has been his or her favorite Optional so far. But rest assured: we are not done with Optionals yet!