Field trips to Huntsville and Nashville deepen classroom lessons

David Brown
David Brown

As classes are beginning to wrap up, many teachers have planned exciting final field trips and excursions to bring a real-world context to many of the lessons learned in the classroom. On Tuesday, Problems You’ve Never Solved Before, Physics, and STEAM Labs all traveled down to Huntsville, Alabama to visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Several of the campers on my floor, along with dozens of others, got the opportunity to see how United States scientists, researchers, and astronauts have solved problems that many had previously deemed impossibly hard, using physics and engineering to reach for the stars. Although it was a long, tiring day, the students returned filled with wonder and inspiration, ready to take their lessons from VAMPY to develop the next technologies that will drive our country and world forward.

On a different side of the academic spectrum, the Arabic class ventured to Nashville, Tennessee to visit a mosque, an Arab market, and an Arab cafe. To truly understand a language, it helps to understand the cultural context in which it has developed and how it is used in daily life. It also doesn’t hurt to have the opportunity to taste some extraordinary foods! Moreover, in today’s political climate, lessons in mutual understanding and cultural appreciation have rarely been more important.

These trips are just more examples of the unique ways VAMPY is able to give students an in-depth, intense, and well-rounded educational experience that few high schools could ever offer them. And as a counselor, I appreciated the offers of dates and baklava from returning students!