Field trips to Huntsville and Nashville deepen classroom lessons

As classes are beginning to wrap up, many teachers have planned exciting final field trips and excursions to bring a real-world context to many of the lessons learned in the classroom. On Tuesday, Problems You’ve Never Solved Before, Physics, and STEAM Labs all traveled down to Huntsville, Alabama to visit the U.S. Space and Rocket […]

Presidential Politics begins its Presidential Face-Off

It is hard to believe that we have already started our third week at VAMPY. On Monday students analyzed the legacy of Bill Clinton and the beginning of the George W. Bush years. Students watched political satire over the Clinton presidency after examining the timeline of major events. We later went to the library to […]

Computer Science students ask, “What is ‘better’ code?”

We are in our final week of VAMPY, and the students have learned a lot and had tons of fun. It’s been quite the journey for them, covering a whole college-level class and more in three weeks. But like any other great journey, we started one step at a time. Each student, armed with a laptop and […]

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