First weekend full of competing, performing, and relaxing

Maddie Hamblin
Maddie Hamblin

After a strenuous week of classes, the first weekend of VAMPY allowed campers to bond with their peers outside the classroom by continuing traditions unique to camp, including the VAMPY Olympics, Paper Theater, and VAMPYstock.

The VAMPY Olympics on Saturday were composed of nine countries fighting for the title of Olympian Champions and the prize of a luxurious garden gnome. The games sparkled despite gloomy skies and sudden thunderstorms as outdoor events converted to indoor events, such as the Dodgeball tournament becoming a Ping Pong tournament. Gathering in the lobby, some campers played fiercely competitive rounds of Musical Chairs while others participated in Storytime and attempted to create stories based on the words “Trash Wizard.” Side events such as Endurance Tests and Just Dance competitions allowed teams to gather extra points for their country. The Olympics concluded with a spin on the traditional relay race, with teams piling into the Great Hall in a final attempt to come out on top.

Maddie's team prepares to participate in the VAMPY Olympics on Saturday.
Maddie’s team, representing Germany, prepares to participate in the VAMPY Olympics on Saturday.

Saturday not only provided ways for campers to become physically engaged but in the evening allowed campers to get creative with another tradition, Paper Theater. Armed with only newspaper, tape, and a single Sharpie, campers were given 30 minutes to come up with a skit that retold classic fairytales with a unique twist. The humorous performances ranged from The Three Little Pigs: Wild, Wild West Edition to VAMPY-style Wizard of Oz, and every camper had a specific role and costume. Fourth-year Sam Vitale of Bowling Green remarked, “Paper Theater is something I look forward to at camp because I don’t have to worry about anything other than being myself and having fun.”

A VAMPY camper readies for Paper Theater
A VAMPY camper readies for Paper Theater

Early Sunday afternoon as the sun shone, VAMPYstock provided a relaxing atmosphere where campers participated in optionals such as Yoga, Tie-Dye, and Open Mic. During another optional, Civil Disobedience, campers were involved in fake protests against counselors, creating signs such as, “Lydia, let’s get Rid of Ya.” Those who chose not to participate in the optionals played music and created friendship bracelets on the fourth floor of Schneider, demonstrating what VAMPYstock is all about.

The weekend concluded with a cook-out inside the Red Zone. Campers discussed the events of the weekend as they ate, looking forward to the second week of classes and even more excitement next weekend!