Physics students tackle mechanics and energy in week one

Allison  Gregory
Allison Gregory

In Physics, students will be covering nearly a year’s worth of material in three weeks through the use of demonstrations, related videos, snacks, lectures, challenges, labs, and builds. We have so far covered mechanics and energy, and we will be covering electromagnetism, optics, and more in the remaining two weeks of camp.

Students had the opportunity to build their own helicopters and one type of motor during the first week, and they will be building another motor and speakers during upcoming study halls. They also competed against each other in a physics challenge: the slow balloon race. The team whose balloon hit the ceiling the most slowly won the race. This week, students will build and compete against each other in the egg drop, and those with unscathed eggs in their contraptions will pass the drop.

During the last week of camp, the class will take field trips to the Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama and to Warren Central High School, where course instructor Kenny Lee teaches. Campers will have front-row seats to his famous Wave Show, featuring fire, lasers, and music — everyone will be astounded and amused by the educational performance. After the show is over, students will get to see Mr. Lee’s homemade hovercraft and take turns riding it up and down the hall.