Campers look forward to a weekend packed with fun activities

Tori Edwardson
Tori Edwardson

After an exciting week full of classes, entertaining optionals, and getting to know one another, campers are preparing for a jam-packed weekend that’s sure to bring them even more friendships and opportunities for fun.

On Saturday, the counselors will be putting on the annual SCATS Olympics. The games will begin at 1 p.m., and the closing ceremonies will occur around 4 p.m. While the traditional Olympics focus on physical endurance and athletic skill, the SCATS Olympics is a little different; there will be relay races, dodgeball, and tug of war, but campers will also be able to participate in a unique activity called “storytime” — in which they are presented with a prompt and write a story based on said prompt with a decisive beginning, middle and end — as well as quick-recall trivia. Since our campers are so multi-talented, we believe they all should be able to participate in an activity they will excel in and enjoy!

On Sunday, many campers will leave campus to spend Father’s Day with their families. The campers that remain will have the opportunity to get some laundry done, sleep in, attend their worship service of choice, and enjoy some activities related to Father’s Day and to Kentucky, in celebration of the state’s birthday this month.

The counselors and campers have a busy weekend ahead, and both groups are so excited to enjoy time off from classes as we head into the second half of camp! We’ll check in with you all on Monday!