A Thursday of music, a Friday of sports: how campers finished up their first week

Peyton Cuzzart
Peyton Cuzzart

Heading into the weekend of SCATS 2017, the camp routine had become second nature to the campers as they enjoyed their classes and established friendships that will last a lifetime. For most of the week, after attending class and having dinner, campers participated in a variety of creative “mandatory optionals” where campers choose activities ranging from Humans vs. Zombies and Capture the Flag to Beauty Shop and Friendship Bracelets.

On Thursday night, however, the campers of SCATS were granted the treat of attending a band concert by the Southern Kentucky Concert Band. Although the rain prevented the concert from taking place at Western’s Amphitheater, we were able to move quickly indoors and enjoy the music. Campers were big fans of the show tunes in “From the Stage and Screen” and were fortunate to hear the band conducted by WKU’s own Joe Stites.

After attending class on Friday, SCATS campers started the weekend off on a fun note, eating pizza with their friends at RedZone and having a night to blow off some energy at WKU’s Preston Recreation Center. At Preston, campers had the opportunity to play basketball, swim in the pool at the natatorium, and play soccer. Additionally, campers enjoyed trying new things like racquetball, talking to their friends, and of course a SCATS classic: making friendship bracelets. Although we were now halfway through camp, campers and counselors alike were full of anticipation and excitement for the events of the second week!