SCATS campers learn about The Gatton Academy

Lillie Shaw
Lillie Shaw

When the SCATS campers moved into their dorm on Sunday, many of them didn’t understand exactly what goes on in Florence Schneider Hall during the school year. On Wednesday afternoon, between dinner and the ever-exciting Optionals, they had the opportunity to hear about the Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science from Zack Ryle, the Assistant Director of Admissions and Public Relations. All of our 130-plus residential campers collected in Schneider’s Great Hall to learn about The Academy. They received large green pens (which they clicked perhaps a bit too much during the presentation) as well as squishy gray robot stress toys shaped like the mascot of The Academy, the Fighting Automaton.

The SCATS campers learned a lot about the community of motivated high school juniors and seniors who complete their high school education by taking college courses and earning real college credits. Students who have lived in Kentucky for at least a year can apply during their sophomore year of high school. The school is funded by the state government; therefore, only residents of Kentucky can join the cohort. Just like at SCATS, the students of Gatton have peers that enjoy the more academic and nerdy parts of life.

The flyer that Zack provided for the campers was very helpful for following his presentation, and several campers asked questions at the end of his time with us. Any other questions that come up over the next few days can easily be addressed by the Gatton alumni among our counselor staff: Gabe Smith, David Brown, Ben Guthrie, and Jon-Kyle Bailey.


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