Wide variety of SCATS classes feeds student passions

The chance to follow one’s passions and develop one’s creativity is a key component of SCATS, and one of the best places to do those things is in classes that focus on the arts, humanities, and communication. While many people may naturally think of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields as appropriate areas for gifted learning opportunities, non-STEM classes are just as important.

SCATS campers learn about The Gatton Academy

When the SCATS campers moved into their dorm on Sunday, many of them didn’t understand exactly what goes on in Florence Schneider Hall during the school year. On Wednesday afternoon, between dinner and the ever-exciting Optionals, they had the opportunity to hear about the Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science from Zack Ryle, […]

Victory and defeat on an optionals battlefield

The sun is reaching its horizon. The sky is a yolk of pink, yellow, and orange. The mood is set on this Wednesday evening for an epic game of Capture the Flag. A crowd of 22 campers is evenly split between the girls and boys, and all are full of energy. My co-counselor, John-Kyle, and […]

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