Campers wind down on Sunday after busy Saturday

Matt Owen
Matt Owen

SCATS is now into its second week, and we look back on all the weekend fun that we had. Sunday was filled with relaxing structured activities like tie-dye, card playing, and celebrating our fathers with dad-themed optionals. Some of the dad themed optionals were acting like dads, face painting beards, and a tree walk. And all that was before dinner!

For dinner, we didn’t have our normal dinner in Fresh Food Company but instead had a wonderful cookout, provided by WKU Catering, on our front lawn where the kids could eat hotdogs, hamburgers, or veggie burgers and enjoy the weather together while eating.

After dinner, we let the kids pick even more activities to do like watching a movie, watching the last game of the NBA Finals (in which the Cavailers won), or playing board games.

Sunday was the closing of the weekend for the SCATS campers and although they were excited to go back to their classes, they couldn’t help but miss the all day activities that Saturday and Sunday provided. All in all, I think the campers enjoyed the whole weekend but also had a lot of fun in their first day back to classes this week.