Two beloved SCATS traditions keep campers busy on Saturday

Nicole Heimerdinger
Nicole Heimerdinger

The Saturday at SCATS is always jam-packed and full of exciting events. SCATS Olympics and Paper Theatre are two traditions that campers are always excited to spend part of their weekend doing. We do our best to present opportunities for the kids to be physically active outside of class. Olympics provides a great environment for them to enjoy wholesome competition with a dodgeball tournament, a relay race, and tug of war. We also offered some less active competitions with trivia and an activity we named “storytime.”

Male and female counselor groups paired up and chose countries to represent. Some of the countries included Canada, Great Britain, and Iceland. Some of the fictional countries represented included The Moon, The Republic of Atlantis, and Narnia. The winning country was The Republic of Atlantis with Albania following up with second place. The trophies for Andrew and Emily’s halls were garden gnomes that sit in the hallway as a reminder of their great teamwork.

After dinner and some time at the dorm for showers, we headed to the auditorium of Grise for Paper Theatre. The premise of this activity is to create a short (approximately 5 minute) performance of a fairytale in an unusual style that they drew from a hat. They are only given newspaper, masking tape, and black markers to make costumes and props. They are given 30 minutes to put the whole performance together. Some of the performances included Jack and the Beanstalk opera style, Hansel and Gretel with a cowboy/wild west twist, and Willy Wonka in the style of ESPN.

The weekend was fun-filled but still restful. We are off to a good start for the second week of SCATS classes and have much planned for the upcoming afternoons!

Campers wait for the start of the SCATS Olympics. (Photo By Nicole Heimerdinger)
Campers wait for the start of the SCATS Olympics. (Photo By Nicole Heimerdinger)
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