Optionals bring students out of their comfort zones

Courtney George
Courtney George

The second full day of camp brought a number of things: humid weather with a threat of storms, blossoming new friendships, and a greater understanding of why Western Kentucky University students are called “Hilltoppers.”

The many activities planned by the counselors and Dr. Roberts have kept the campers both entertained and expanding their minds. For example, on Monday SCATS welcomed General Ulysses S. Grant to WKU. General Grant came to talk to campers about his life and his many military accomplishes. Despite the heat in the auditorium, students were engaged and eager to ask questions.

After our guest speaker, students were released for Optionals – aka “Mandatory Funtime.” Optionals are led by counselor pairs and are designed to account for a large range of campers’ interests.

Some Optionals were: dodgeball, Cribz, street art, and Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems (MoMA). Optionals are never repeated and happen on most days after dinner. They provide an opportunity for campers to meet other campers who are not in their classes and/or counselor group.

Many optionals purposefully have cryptic or misleading names to ensure that students will try new things and come out of their comfort zone. Camp activities are a great way to unwind from a long day of class, play new games, and meet new friends.