Campers finding out what SCATS is all about

Jake Petty
Jake Petty

On our second day of classes, campers are finding out what a regular day at camp looks like. The rules are in place and the classes are underway so expect quite a few stories at the next phone time!

Today we will have our first complete set of optional activities, AKA “mandatory fun,” community time, where campers get the opportunity to experience free time with anyone at camp, and hall time. These are the times where connections are going to begin to be forged and we get to see the unique traits that every camper has start to come out and shape the way they interact within their group and within their newfound acquaintances.

It has been a delight to see more and more smiles as the hours go on with many more to go. Friendships are forming as cards are played in the halls and bracelets are woven whenever hands are free.

Everyone looks to be settling in nicely whether that is at class, in the lunch room, or during other activities going on. The week has been hot thus far but fun will continue to be had, along with quite a few encouragements to drink water!