Arabic class immerses itself in language and culture

Fati Chebchoub
Fati Chebchoub

The first two weeks of VAMPY were very exciting with a variety of learning activities. Students got to experience Arabic calligraphy and their skills in writing Arabic have improved tremendously. Students got the chance to try it in class and produced very nice writings that they are taking home as gifts to family and friends.

The Arabic class got to visit the Islamic Center of Bowling Green and ask the local Imam all the questions they have about the Islam and its traditions. They also visited various Arabic markets and ate authentic Arabic food in Nashville.

Learning the Arabic dance is always fun! Students learned the first steps to dancing the Middle Eastern dance, Dabka, and they enjoyed the rhythm and music some of them have never experienced before.

Learning the colors is always a priority that every foreign language student wants to learn. As the students learned how to say the colors in Arabic, they got to play a game outside in a nice, sunny, and breezy day. The game was so much fun to play while practicing the language.

On Monday, students got the opportunity to try Arabic clothing. The students enjoyed wearing and learning about the various occasions when the clothes are worn.

While we are studying Arabic and learning new vocabulary, each student got the chance to work in a small project, choosing an Arabic country and presenting it to the rest of the class totally in Arabic. They did an amazing job and we are so proud of their presentations!