A poem on field trips

A Bloem (a blog poem)

Jonathan Wurth
Jonathon Wurth

A hive of activity

The tap-tick-tapping

Of fingers on keyboards

Minds feverish with stories of

Dystopian worlds unfolding


On leaves of freshly printed books

Filling the corners of bourgeoning minds

Who delicately tug out poems

And stories like tissue paper

From over-stuffed boxes

Ignited by visions of lost river caves

Butterfly gardens

And “bottomless pits”

Anticipating an ancient homestead

The simplicity of lives long passed

Where past meets present

Ever hanging on the edge of the future


This week has been jam-packed. Our students focused on writing original poetry and fiction while they scrambled to read a novel, discuss it in small groups, and present their analyses to the class. Additionally, on Wednesday, we toured Lost River Cave by boat, a cavern which, according to our tour guide, boasts one of the largest natural cave openings this side of the Mississippi. Our second field trip of the week will take place later today when we will visit South Union Shaker Village, the former site of a religious community who espoused the virtues of celibacy, hard work, and simplicity. It’s been a fun week, but a bit of rest should do us all good!