VAMPY weekend includes V-Con, Hot Rods baseball

Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson

At the halfway point of camp, most campers have fully settled into the swing of camp. Veteran campers have all joined with new campers in showing them the traditions of camp, such as the Albania chant.

The campers have enjoyed optionals, especially yesterday’s Canada Day themed activities such as “Nap-Town, Edmonton, Alberta.” Interested campers also attended a conference about the Gatton Academy last night, a session offered to campers each year.

In the upcoming days, we have many fun and exciting activities in store for the campers. On Saturday, the annual “V-Con” will be held, which is an afternoon of fun and games all sharing a common theme, which will be announced at the event. Also on Saturday, students will walk to downtown Bowling Green to watch a Hot Rods baseball game and enjoy a fireworks show after the game.

We counselors are as excited as the campers for the upcoming events, and we know that the campers will enjoy these activities very much. We know that the campers will greatly enjoy these final days at VAMPY as their camp experience comes to a close.