Humanities students bond over field trip, projects

Olivia Jacobs
Olivia Jacobs

Friday was a very exciting day for the Humanities class. The morning was spent discussing Thursday’s field trip to a Hindu Temple and the Parthenon in Nashville. The students learned the principles and practice of Hinduism and got to witness a worship service, as well as have their many questions answered about the afterlife and reincarnation in the Hindu religion. At the Parthenon, the students got to see the replica architecture of ancient Greece. They learned not only about the myths involved in the history of the parthenon, but about the geometry and structure of the building itself. This was expanded upon Friday during class in a presentation by Griffin Fleishaker. Another presentation was given by Izzy Hunt over the Medieval Catholic principle of cardinal sins and virtues, which we will use as a foundation of knowledge when we read Dante’s “Divine Comedy” next week.

We spent the afternoon painting replica Greek drinking vessels and watching a film that details one view of reincarnation in the 21st century called “Defending Your Life”. Overall, the students have been working very hard to prepare for upcoming presentations on art and philosophy. As they grow more interested in the material, they also grow closer as a group, and are consistently impressive in their ability to understand difficult material, as well as show each other kindness.

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