SCATS Olympics tested campers in fun ways

Dom Thayer
Dom Thayer

Although our weekend was filled with rain and heat, that didn’t stop SCATS from having a blast! On Saturday, we enjoyed the day outside competing in the SCATS Olympics. Students got to participate with their country in main events such as dodgeball, trivia, and the final relay race, as well as side events like extreme puzzle solving, face painting and flag making, endurance games, and a bean bag toss.

The countries that competed were: Albania, Belize, Burma, Canada, Ireland, Italy, the Ivory Coast, and the USA, with Ireland taking the gold! Everyone had a great time!

My girls, along with Erica Plummer’s and Ben Guthrie’s campers, competed as USA! We all had so much fun, and it has been such a successful first week.

Reece Dicken said the following about the Olympics: “I loved the endurance games the most. We got to compete against each other in planks, jumping jacks, and balancing. Everyone did wall sits to see who could last the longest. I lasted for ten minutes straight, and won! Even though it rained a couple times, everyone had so much fun.”

After a busy weekend with the Olympics, Paper Theater, and our cookout, the campers have adjusted back into their class schedules. We have many activities planned during our last week at SCATS, including a talk with General Dan Cherry, our talent show, and a dinner and dance to finish out the week.

Dominique Thayer's campers represented USA in the SCATS Olympics
Dom’s campers represented USA in the SCATS Olympics