Campers recharge before final week of SCATS

Jake Petty
Jake Petty

Today, campers came back into their classrooms after a weekend respite. Over the weekend some of the biggest events of the camp happened, including our Sunday cookout and Paper Theater.

Paper Theater was a hit with the campers as every student shined in clever renditions of “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Cinderella,” “The Tortoise and the Hare,” and fun takes on each skit like “In-Space” and “Apocalypse.”

Sunday night had every hall showing movies or shows, and I even let some boys on my hall catch up on the NBA playoffs as we all watched Game 5 of the series. Every camper had the opportunity to get to know tons of other students on Sunday, as many people came back from church to lounge for a bit before the week started back up.

Tonight, all the campers get to hear local hero General Cherry’s story from the Vietnam War. They also get the opportunity to meet the man himself before being given the novel he is referencing in the telling of his story.

Only a few days of camp remain and all the counselors are encouraging campers to savor what’s left of their experience.

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