Diversity of campers makes SCATS special

Kayce Hyde
Kayce Hyde

Campers seem to have now fully adjusted to the craziness that is camp life as we near the halfway point. It has been a pleasure to get to start to forge deeper connections with the campers and watch them make these connection amongst each other. While their teachers get to witness their academic prowess in the classroom, we, the counselors, get to see more unique traits.

For example, during community time, one camper had drawn a crowd of people who were attentively listening to his guitar skills. Other campers cannot be found without a soccer ball or Frisbee and are always enthusiastic about the athletic optionals like Kick a Ball and Ultimate. Some campers even take a leap of faith and sign up for the more unique sounding optionals like Fifth Grade Field Day or Camp Rocks!

It is the diversity not only in the activities and classes offered, but also in the kids themselves that make SCATS a unique experience for each individual camper. However, in just looking out onto the lawn behind the dorm during community time, it is clear that SCATS’ diversity is a strong unifying force.

I know one of my favorite things about going to camp was the realization that my self image extended beyond just my intelligence, and I think these campers are getting to experience this same truth today in sharing academics and camp life together.