Friendships develop quickly at SCATS

Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson

This camp is a unique place, one in which gifted middle school students are around not only their normal peers, but also their intellectual peers. Because of this and the amount of time they spend with each other, friendships grow much faster than they would in a normal school environment.

The campers in my group are coming to realize this. Following move-in, there were two campers on my hall, Welles and Hollis, that seemed like they had been best friends for years even though they had met a mere two hours beforehand.

These boys are one of the closest groups in camp. They have designated a table in the cafeteria at which they all try to sit for every single meal. They even communally decide on an optional to do so that most of them can do it together. But you may have to watch out – these boys call themselves a wolfpack and at any time could howl “paw-UUUUUUU.” You could say they’re eager to show enthusiasm.

Regardless, these guys are excited to be alongside each other all throughout camp. They’re most excited to compete in the SCATS Olympics on Saturday. This will be a competition in which a boys and a girls hall are paired together to face off against other pairs in a variety of activities. According to my guys, they will be the undisputed champions, and with a confidence like they have, I have to believe them.

All of these guys have had a great time so far and are looking forward to spending the rest of camp together.

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