Soggy Monday didn’t dampen spirits at SCATS

Taylor Koczot
Taylor Koczot

Almost every camper arrived early on Sunday for the first day of SCATS 2015, bright eyed and bushy tailed, much like WKU’s infamous white squirrels. Returning campers were thrilled to see last year’s friends, and old and new campers alike were ready to learn and make new connections.

Once every camper was accounted for, we headed to dinner and then to orientation. Dr. Roberts graciously welcomed all of the students and introduced this year’s counseling staff. After orientation campers went on a counselor-led tour of campus that showed them the safest path through campus while pointing out the buildings where classes are held.

Groups reconvened for ice breakers to burn off some energy, make introductions, and interact with counselors. After a long day, campers came back to their halls, went through a very orderly fire drill, and then returned to their floors. Campers bonded in their counselor groups and learned more about each other by playing cards and other games, singing songs (complete with guitar), and talking.

By 9:45 campers were in their rooms, and after their counselors checked in on them, went to bed so that they’d be rested and prepared for their first full day of camp.

Monday’s gloomy weather didn’t dampen camper spirits or attitudes. As a fifth-year counselor I can say that this has been the best start to SCATS I’ve seen yet and I am very excited to learn more about these campers and to help them grow.