Zombie Science In Action at 2014 Fall Super Saturdays

Two Saturdays down and we have escaped the zombie epidemic… So far!  Before we dig in and find the cure we must learn about the brain and the nervous system. Our first week the medical students participated in pairs learning about the different parts of the brain and we had some discussion on how zombies brains are affected and why they behave the way they do. Our assistant Mr. Milan actually suffered from a brain injury and we were able to determine which parts of his brain were effected based on the symptoms he described.  What a great real life opportunity!

This past weekend our focus shifted to neurons. Neurons are specialized cells that carry messages back-and-forth from our brain to different parts of the body. Students created their own neuron and discussed diseases that can affect neurotransmission.  We even had some great metaphors created by the students exemplifying their understanding of neurotransmission such as relating bullying to the destruction of ones self image.  We discussed what types of anti-bodies would fight against such an action. Some students were very interested in how multiple sclerosis and ALS affect neurons and even included that in their neuron creation.  The sky isn’t even the limit for these students.  We can’t wait to see you with the next two weekends hold!