Counselor’s Corner: July 5th

stephenHello Everyone,

This weekend has been so great! Although we have yet to finish Sunday, the weekend has been full of fun and entertainment.  The weekend began with an evening at the Bowling Green Hot Rods baseball stadium for the game and 4th of July fireworks.  All of the kids enjoyed the game and the fireworks.  Saturday began the same as last weekend but the afternoon activities were much more interesting with VCon.  VCon, for those of you who have children here for their first year, is a convention of sorts where we, the counselors, have a central theme that encompasses the entire afternoon.  This year’s theme was “8 bit VAMPY,” so as you can imagine, many of the activities were geared towards retro/modern video games.  We had a few discussion periods where counselors would hold debates/lectures about a specific topic about retro games.  Many of the physical optionals were renamed and had manipulated rules to fit the theme.  Following VCon, we had a dance for the campers to socialize and hangout with each other outside of VCon.  As with any dance everyone was encouraged to participate and enjoy the music.  Many of the campers near the end really remember what VAMPY is about, with a few of the ‘Must have songs’ played. These songs reminded them that VAMPY is also a camp where lasting friendships are made and last through high school and even through college. This has been the weekend thus far and we have a few more activities planed for Sunday afternoon.

Have a great rest of the weekend and week!

Stephen Meyer