Teacher’s Talk: Writing (Lost River Cave Field Trip and On-Site Writing)

Tuesday afternoon, our writing class ventured out of the classroom and toured Lost River Cave in Bowling Green. Students hiked along the cave valley to see the blue holes, limestone bluffs, and a natural spring that contribute to the beauty of this karst topography. We took the boat tour into the cave and learned about the role the cave played throughout history. From Prehistoric Paleo Indians, Confederate and Union Troops during the Civil War, and the exploits of legendary bank robber Jessie James, to the efforts today to preserve the cave’s beauty, students were provided with a wealth of history and folklore to use as writing material for their writing projects.

After the boat tour, we paused to do some on-site writing which generated some ideas and starters to short fiction and poetry pieces.

Today, students are back in the computer lab, quietly typing on their fiction or poetry projects that they will present on Friday. The room is silent except for the clicking of fingers on computer keyboards and some peer/teacher conferencing. It has been an eventful and productive second week so far.