Teacher’s Talk: Anatomy and Physiology (Prepping for Lab)

Tuesday’s class began with students presenting the remaining skin disorder projects. Once again, we had some excellent presentations and great questions and discussion taking place. After the first break, students completed an assessment over the integumentary system as well as the various disorders presented in class. Exam scores indicated students really understood the content well. Mrs. Ray and I continue to be impressed by the high level questions students are asking and the level of understanding and insight students are demonstrating.

In the afternoon, we began studying the skeletal system. Students learned about the different bone types, the structure of bony tissue, the functions of bone and also the anatomy of a long bone. After the second break, we began a lab where students will discover the composition of bone. Students skinned a chicken drumstick and removed all non-bony material from it. After they weighed the bone, it was either baked to remove water or soaked in hydrochloric acid.

On Wednesday students will burn a portion of the bone as well as compare their starting masses to the masses remaining after the different treatments and use this information to calculate the composition of the bone. Here are some pictures of students prepping their specimens for day one of the lab. Enjoy!

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