Teacher’s Talk: Teenagers on Film

This week, the students in Teenagers on Film completed their shooting scripts and began pre-production, which includes compiling shot lists, scheduling locations, selecting props and costumes, and auditioning actors. The students are settling into their respective roles on their film crews: directors and cinematographers are storyboarding and planning shots and the producers, writers, and editors are finalizing schedules and breaking down the script. They will begin working with the film equipment on Tuesday, and principal photography begins on Wednesday.

We are also continuing our film screenings–this week, the theme is “History of Cinema.” Students will view and discuss some of the most significant classics in Hollywood film that feature teenagers, including Rebel Without a Cause, Splendor in the Grass, American Graffiti, Pretty in Pink, and Clueless. Dr. Hollyfield has been helping students analyze the cinematic techniques that make each film so influential and encouraging students to adapt these techniques in their own work.