Teacher’s Talk: Anatomy and Physiology (Presentations)

On Monday, we began the day in the computer lab continuing our research about various skin disorder topics and creating PowerPoint presentations to share with the class. In the afternoon, students presented their research projects to the class; the presentations were very professional. The students chose helpful graphics to convey the information they were sharing and did an excellent job of applying their APA citation skills. Students did a wonderful job of presenting and explaining their research and also did an excellent job of asking insightful and clarifying questions throughout the various presentations. In fact, we had so much great participation and discussion, that we will need to finish up a few of the presentations on Tuesday morning. Before heading back to the residence halls at the end of class, we had several students make comments about remembering to wash their hands before dinner and not touching other people – Life lessons! There are only a few photos from today, but I should have some better pictures Tuesday when we begin the bone composition lab.