Teacher’s Talk: MakerSpace week 2

Week one is complete and we are now starting week two. We’ve done so much over the past week. The students are having a blast and are learning so much. We started off last week with the Rube Goldberg machines. We then explored the MaKey MaKey’s. ¬†MaKey MaKeys are these little kits you hook up to your computer and can connect with alligator clips to other conducting materials. We hooked them up to things like bananas and carrots, play-doh, aluminum pans, aluminum foil, and even our body. These items were used as the arrow keys, space bar, and enter key on your computer to play computer games, play piano and the drums on the computer, play dance dance revolution, and even creating a music mix. The students loved it.

On Thursday we went on our first field trip to the recycling center on WKU’s campus. The students were able to take apart computers, cameras, furniture, lenses, keyboards, lights, and so much more. They used these parts to build all sorts of different objects some including flashlights, hovercrafts, pictures, lighting fixtures, a city out of computer parts, and more. Some students are still working on these projects. They are coming along very nicely. It’s so great to see their creativity with these projects.

We visited the Corvette Assembly Plant Friday morning where we got to speak to an engineer that works there and tour the plant to see the entire process of how the Corvettes are assembled. Mrs. Jen (one of our Makerspace teachers) got the opportunity to “give birth” to a corvette by starting it for the first time. It was an amazing experience.

This week we have many more exciting things to come. We will being working on our electronic kits to get more practice with using electronics and learning how they work. We will use these skills for more building projects. We have more field trips to come and other exciting stories I look forward to sharing with you.


Stephanie Ghee (Teaching Assistant)