Counselor’s Corner: VAMPY Has Begun!

wadeAnother summer, another year of VAMPY. There was plenty of chaos with everyone moving in all at once, but everything settled down and the kids are getting comfortable with their new home for three weeks. After all the kids said goodbye to their parents, they got to meet their counselors and the other kids within the counselor’s group. The new campers have already made friends and learned some new games like Magic the Gathering.

After settling down at the hall, all the campers went down to dinner where returners could catch up with old friends and newcomers could meet all the other campers as well. When everyone finished eating, we went to the auditorium where Dr. Roberts could give her annual orientation. Here, she introduced herself as well as all of the camp counselors. She also went over some of the rules and expectations that will be followed over the next three weeks.

The campers were then taken on a tour of the campus to show where they would be having their classes. After that, we did some icebreakers to help everyone get to know each a little better. We had games like such as Ninja, Never Have I Ever, and an epic Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament. All of the campers have been absolutely fantastic so far, and it’s looking like it’ll be an awesome year for VAMPY!