Counselor’s Corner: Another Exciting Day (Day 8)

emilyHey everyone! I can’t believe how fast these two weeks are flying by! Even though it seems like SCATS is winding down, the activities are still in full swing. After another great day of classes, campers enjoyed some great optionals including Football, Sidewalk Chalk, LARPing (live action role playing), and Magic: The Gathering, as well as some new options like soft-core Parkour and Naptown USA. As you can probably tell, those two fall on opposite ends of the active scale! At this point at camp, having an hour to nap some campers certainly benefit from an hour to rest while others much prefer expending energy by running and leaping all over campus.

With the talent show being held tomorrow evening, tonight was a dress rehearsal of sorts which I had the fortune to sit in on. The talent show is always a highlight of SCATS as it gives many incredibly talented children the chance to display their skills in front of their peers. From the looks of it, the acts are going to display a wide range of talent with everything from singing to karate. Along with the talent show, campers (and counselors) also have the banquet and dance to look forward to on Thursday allowing us to end camp on an exciting and enjoyable note!