SCATS 2014: Recap – Day 8 (Performances and Finals Approach!)

We are midway through the final week of SCATS 2014 and many of the classes can be found working on final presentations and performances.  The acting class performed their skits for the video cameras today while other classes were seen analyzing different story traits in Disney’s “Frozen.”  World Mythology conducted a head to head ultimate god or goddess showdown in their class (with the class determining which god would have the most power) and the American History Through Pop Culture classic went through some 90’s phenomenas, including Friends and Hanson!

One two more exciting days remain in SCATS 2014.

Each day we will post the classes we took pictures of right below a brief summary of the day (like you see below)!

#4 Advanced Nutrition (Period 2)

#6 American History through Pop Culture (Period 3)

#12 Creative Writing (Period 3)

#13 Exploring Basic Nuclear Chemistry (Period 3)

#15 Freedom Stories (Period 1)

#17 Introduction to Robotics (Shot by Teacher Ryan Peach)

#20 Mixed Media Multicultural Experiences (Period 4)

#26 The Age of Exploration (Period 1)

#27 The Hobbit (Period 4)

#28 Think You Can Write A Better Book (Period 3)

#29 Youth For Human Rights (Period 1)

#29 Youth For Human Rights (Period 2)

#30 World Mythology (Period 3)