Be a Writer Days 4 and 5

It is hard to believe the first week is already over for the 2014 SCATS camp. Our class has stayed busy, and we have accomplished so much in such a short time. On Thursday, after a quick review of the parts of speech, students used all of those in a poem (any topic). In the lab, after those were word-processed, students used the poem to complete a wordle (a word picture). On Friday, we had hoped to do an outside observation activity, but the weather refused to cooperate, so hopefully we are on target for that activity for Monday! One Friday activity showed how creative our campers can be. The students were given 10 poetry magnets, and 10 minutes to complete a 10 line poem on any topic. This is called “10 All Around”. After writing the poem, many students shared and the poetic talent was astounding. Also on Friday, campers composed a personal essay about their “passion”. We are enjoying spending our days with this outstanding group of young adults.

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