Teacher’s Talk: Bridget Simon – Algebraic Functions

My name is Bridget Simon and I am currently teaching the Algebraic Functions class.  It has been a busy week at WKU, which is one reason why this is the first blog I have created.  As a brief introduction, I have been teaching high school math for six years and am currently finishing my master’s degree.  I have two little girls, Brookelyn (4 years) and London (1 year).  Needless to say they keep me very busy.  I have also been married to my husband Anthony for 8 years.

As for the classes at WKU I believe I have been challenging the students and expanding their knowledge of Algebra.  Tuesday they started learning the material and worked in stations.  Yesterday started the hands-on experiments.  All of the students gathered data based on an experiment they were performing.  Some students got to eat Twizzlers, some had fun bouncing tennis balls, and the others got to measure their arm span against their height.  Today the students were given the opportunity to research a topic and use Excel to create a scatterplot.  I found out that some students were really good at using Excel and done an awesome job of helping their peers.

Overall, this has been a wonderful week and I have enjoyed getting to know each of these exceptional kids.