From Arts and Crafts to Debates and Pop Culture: Day 4 Recap

From papier mache on balloons and clay in hands in the art classes, to lively debates on the Bergdahl release and how the Wild West was won, our cameras caught a lot of great moments on the fourth day of SCATS classes. Each day we will post the classes we took pictures of right below […]

Age of Exploration Monday-Thursday Week 1

I am thoroughly enjoying teaching the Age of Exploration! The students have studied various topics, including Vikings, the Dutch, French, and Spanish. They have done a wonderful job figuring out why countries were explored, where and why they settled where they did, and how they interacted with the natives.  Through research, presentations, videos, and discussion, […]

Teacher’s Talk: Manifest Destiny and Settling the West

It’s been a busy week heading West! The classes have traveled across the country learning how each section was obtained. Then we traveled with the settlers on the Oregon Trail. Overall, we decided we didn’t want to move West -it’s too difficult and dangerous! Today, we traveled a different trail as we followed The Trail of Tears. […]

Teacher’s Talk: Bridget Simon – Algebraic Functions

My name is Bridget Simon and I am currently teaching the Algebraic Functions class.  It has been a busy week at WKU, which is one reason why this is the first blog I have created.  As a brief introduction, I have been teaching high school math for six years and am currently finishing my master’s […]

Teacher’s Talk: Creative Writing

Wow! We have some really fantastic writers at SCATS this year. I have been so impressed with the creativity my classes have displayed and the eagerness with which they write. We have been working on exercises to strengthen our writing using figurative language and we are now working on creating characters in our stories.

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