Counselor’s Corner: Opening Day!

katieWow, what a day! The first day of camp has flown by and all of the campers are nestled safely on their halls for the night. This afternoon was filled with the excitement of new and returning campers and everyone found their counselor and got moved in in due time. After the parents said their goodbyes, the campers and their newly met counselor got to know each other and went over the rules and expectations that are important parts of the camp experience.

With the administrative side taken care of, the real fun could begin. Everyone went down to dinner where new friends were made and old ones were reconnected with. The campers then had their orientation meeting with Dr. Julia, who introduced herself and all the other counselors to the entire camp and wished everyone a happy and fun 32nd summer of SCATS. The counselors then paired off and took their combined co-ed groups on a tour of the campus, pointing out the various buildings classes would take place in, hopefully easing some of the fears the kids may have. Finally the real fun could begin: icebreakers! This year’s icebreakers included rousing games of Duck, Duck, Goose, Never Have I Ever, and the Question Ball, a beach ball covered in various questions such as, “Where are you from?”, “What do you want to be when you grow up?, and “Who’s your favorite celebrity?” All in all it was a great day and a great way to start SCATS 2014!

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