Teacher’s Talk: Chinese – Food Tour! (Day 12)

photoLook how artistic the students in Chinese class are! They created their own version of Beijing opera mask. The beautiful painting is a landscape of Guilin, China.

photo[1]Students in Chinese class created a storybook  with characters illustrated with tangram pieces. Tori is very proud of her story and artwork!

photo[2]After a delicious lunch at a Chinese restaurant, students in Chinese class were intrigued by a variety of exotic herbs,spices, noodles, rice, medicine,fresh produce ….in an international marker off Broadway! It was like treasure hunt but came out empty handed. Tori said that she would go in again some time in the future to try something!


  • Today, our class took a trip to eat at a Chinese restaurant and visit an international market. at the restaurant, we were able to order and speak to the waitress in Chinese. The food was great, and we had the opportunity to learn more Chinese and sample foods we had never even heard of before. Once we finished our meal, we visited Bowling Green’s international market. I never expected that so many different countries would be represented. Here, we saw examples of more Chinese food and how it was packaged, as well as some Chinese vegetables and fruits. I would love to visit the market and purchase Chinese food to try later. ——Tori
  • Today, we went to an international market. The first time ever that I went to an internaitonal market was on a trip to Alaska. I was wowed by all of the different kinds of ric and the whole, dried fish that still had teeth! Today’s trip was very similar, although the fish were frozen. It was cool to see all of the Chinese beers, rice, and herbs. There were foods from many other places, too, such as India, Korea, Japan, etc. This was all very intersting. ——Katrina
  • We went to this great Chinses restaurant today. After mangling up my order a little bit, I went to the buffet along with everyone else. Oh, also, Dr. J’s daughter took us there in a Suberban I thought was an Escalade. Anyway, the food was ridiculously good, and the buffet even had Japansese food, like Sushi and yum-yum sauce. After eating, we all went to an international food market, where there were such oddities as instant Vietnamnese soup. Then we came back and wrote Tangram books and read the Joy Luck Club. —— Graham
  • We went to a Chinese restaurnt, Jumbo Buffet, and then to an international market run by a couple from Bangladesh. Unique foods from Mexico, Southeast Asia, India, Korea, China-virtually every place imaginable. The store also stocked foods for use in Chinese medicine. ——Sarah