Counselor’s Corner – Katy Harvey

KatyIt’s been another great day at camp as we progress into the final week. The weather was great and there was a variety of fun things going on throughout the day. Campers in Physics, Astronomy, and Problems You Have Never Solved Before went on a field trip to the Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and campers in Sustainability took a trip to the food market. After classes, many interesting optional activities took places, ranging from Capture the Flag to the Schneider Museum of Modern Art murder mystery game. Optionals were followed by study hall and community time, where campers enjoyed spending time with friends out on the lawn and inside Schneider. At this point in the week, many are busy preparing for final class projects and acts for the talent show. Many fun things are still to come as we begin to wind down, and I am looking forward to what is still in store!