Teacher’s Talk: Chinese – Songs and Cuisine (Day 11)

  • Today, we heard several variations on Chinese singing. All were quite beautiful, of course, but there was a “version”, I guess, of it that was amazing. It was this woman in about her 30’s singing , but she used no words! Her entire song was sounds like “Tia” or “Hwa”. They were really good when put to music as surprising as that may sound! We also went over the museum exhibits again, ending with some Tai Chi and tangram games. —— Graham
  • Today in class, we began to write introductions about ourselves in Chinese. I felt that this was very beneficial, because I discovered that I could form many more sentences than I had previously thought. We also learned more terms for food and drinks, as we will be going to a Chinese restaurant tomorrow. Because of our lesson, I now feel that I can confidently order in Chinese. We watched a documentary about Chinese cuisine and its preparation. I now have a better appreciation of the food. The techniques used to prepare meals are usually very intricate and time-consuming. ——Tori
  • Today we learned about the people that live in the Gobi desert. The Gobi desert is in China and Mongolia (I think). The people that live there are nomadic, and get most everything they need from their camels. They can use the milk to drink and make cheese. also they use the dried out camel dung as fuel for stoves. The camels also provide transport. I found it interesting to learn a little about these extremely self sufficient people. ——Katrina