Teacher’s Talk: Physics (Days 5-8)

Things in Physics have been flying these past few days! Between the lectures, labs, and demonstrations, the students have had a blast learning all about gravity, pendulums, torque, circular motion, center of mass, momentum, and electro magnetism. We integrated with the math class Friday for a demonstration on projectiles with the infamous “Mathinator,” a Nerf Gun cannon used to shoot a cup off of a student’s head! We also combined with the astronomy class yesterday for a lecture by Dr. Andrew on the quantum physics of space-time problems.

The students have completed their airplanes and have let them soar, moving on to the next build task…the bridge. Some designs are coming already together beautifully with others soon to follow. They just completed their second physics challenge yesterday- the egg catch. With only a few misfires, most of the eggs dropped were safely caught by the kids’ various creations. Later today they will build a simple motor for their last lab. They have completed labs covering the topics we have covered in class, having a challenging yet fun time. Soon, we will cover waves and have a wave show at Warren Central High School, plus a trip to Huntsville, Alabama for the Space Museum.