Teacher’s Talk: Physics (Days 5-8)

Things in Physics have been flying these past few days! Between the lectures, labs, and demonstrations, the students have had a blast learning all about gravity, pendulums, torque, circular motion, center of mass, momentum, and electro magnetism. We integrated with the math class Friday for a demonstration on projectiles with the infamous “Mathinator,” a Nerf […]

Counselor’s Corner: Jon Warren

Today was a day that contained a rather different evening than that of a normal day at VAMPY. This evening, all campers trekked down the Hill to the beautiful Bowling Green Ballpark to see the Bowling Green Hot Rods take on the Dayton Dragons. The campers was seated in the grass down the 1st base […]

Teacher Talk: Presidential Politics (July 3)

Today the students got to hear an outstanding guest speaker in collaboration with the Chinese class as Mr. Morton Holbrook III came to speak to both classes about President Nixon’s trip to China.  Mr. Holbrook was an American diplomat in 1979 that helped open the new United States Embassy.  The presentation was an interactive format […]

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